The following table shows some examples of the track record of Management in similar transactions to which the Fund investment in land intends to invest.

Name of the farm Location Time for realization Total return Anual return
El Socorrito
215 hect
25 de Mayo, Pcia de Buenos Aires

Pipes and transformation of cattle area to agricultural and raising the value of the hull.

30 months 150% 60%
La Media Luna
309 hect
Carlos Casares, Pcia de Buenos Aires

Recovered from agricultural land and putting in value of facilities

16 months 90% 68%
Palo Santo
17.500 hect
Capitán Pagr, Pcia de Buenos Aires

Peaceful negotiation with several occupants and development of a draft of livestock production in the NOA.

Running 100%(*) 50%(*)

(*) Estimated value